Do Travel Agents Get Cheaper Rates?

The cost of using a travel agency is usually minimal, as they make money from hotels and tours. Since the Covid pandemic, you may find that travel agents can get better deals than if you organized them yourself. According to Seaton, booking through a travel agency usually won't cost you more. She states that while some agents may charge a nominal planning fee, many agencies don't charge anything extra for their services. Yes, travel agents are able to access discounts on flights.

Agencies build and maintain relationships with air travel companies and have specific tactics and methods for obtaining low-cost tickets. For instance, if you're travelling internationally, especially to a country you've never visited before, a travel agent can be a great resource to help you plan your trip. Instead of trying to book rooms at the same hotels and seats on the same flights with multiple credit cards and names, let a travel agent do that work. Rather than booking a return ticket, travel agents book two cheaper one-way tickets that offer even better route options. In fact, in the ASTA article mentioned above, 63% of consumers surveyed said that using an agent improves their overall travel experience.

If you book full-fare tickets (Y class, business class or first class), an agent can usually reserve your seat with no down payment for much longer than at the end of the day, sometimes even until the day before departure. Elina Geller is senior travel writer at NerdWallet and specializes in airline and hotel loyalty programs. However, those interline tickets can only be purchased through an accredited full-service travel agency. He also mentioned that agencies have contracts with airlines, allowing them to sell cheaper tickets. We use our expertise and research to give the best answer to questions and give all travelers the best possible answer.

Or prices could change while you wait for information or confirmation from your tragic type B travel partner. A travel agent can put things on hold for free, set your price and reserve your spot before inventory runs out. Travel agents know that airlines occasionally offer connecting flights using a codeshare agreement that doesn't appear when searching on flight comparison websites. Furthermore, they are aware of special offers and discounts that are not available to the general public. In conclusion, it is clear that using a travel agency can be beneficial when it comes to getting cheaper rates on flights. Not only do they have access to discounts and special offers that are not available to the general public, but they also have the knowledge and experience to help you plan your trip in the most efficient way possible.

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