Is it Cheaper to Buy Tickets Through a Travel Agent?

Booking with travel agents is usually more cost-effective than booking online, as they have access to exclusive discounts. They are aware of the secret prices of airlines and can easily tell you if the flight price you found on the web is reasonable. However, booking flights with a travel agency is more expensive than using a travel fare app or website. This is because travel agencies charge more for their services than travel fare aggregator websites. Travel agents usually get better prices for customers who book a full package.

For instance, some cruise lines offer airfares at special prices for travelers. Hotels are eager to please travel agents and will always try to do things right for those guests. Travel agents know that the base price of a ticket rarely covers the full cost of the flight and do their best to find customers the best overall price when it comes to ticket prices. If you're looking to keep your travel expenses low, you can opt for an economy seat that allows plenty of legroom and refreshments during the flight. If you have an Amex card, you may get special offers from this travel agency from time to time.

Alternatively, you can use one of the many travel rate aggregators, such as Expedia, Hotwire and KAYAK. Read on for five professional DIY tips that you can implement on your own, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. Linda Jones is a professional travel advisor, author of Secrets for Travel Agencies and The Ultimate Travel Planner + Journal, and founder of Crafted Travel Company. Most of a travel agency's compensation is paid by the hotels, airlines and travel providers you book, but sometimes the customer pays rates directly. When a travel agency books your plans, it may be more difficult to make changes along the way if you so choose.

As for hotels, they can book at travel agency rates that may be lower, offer more advantages and amenities, or have other advantages. While working with a travel agent who has established relationships is your best option for getting a consolidated airline fare, you can also find it on sites like Travelocity. Travelers have great things to say about their experiences around the world with this travel agency and are especially pleased with the destination's local guides. Even so, the services of an agent may be worthwhile for some travelers who want to avoid stressful vacation planning. This is because travel agents often charge for their services, including booking a flight on your behalf. Hotels want to please travel agent guests so that travel agents continue to book their hotel; and your travel agent wants to please you so that you continue booking with them.

If you're traveling internationally, especially to a country you've never visited before, a travel agency can be a useful resource to help you plan your trip.

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