What is a Travel Agent and What Do They Do?

A travel agent is a person who has extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, including destinations, modes of travel, accommodation, sightseeing, shopping, immigration, passport, visa, customs clearance and procedure, health and safety regulations, and the various permits required to travel to certain areas. They are often employed by travel agencies, which maintain close ties with airlines, hotels, car rentals, banks, insurance companies, railroads, governments, trade associations, foreign tour operators and land operators, cruise companies, and tourism education institutes. Travel agencies may buy travel components from wholesalers and resell them to other original travel companies. The fee for the commission varies from organization to organization and from one travel component to the next.

Wholesale travel agencies may organize tour packages and sell them to customers through retail travel agencies. The prices and prices of package tours depend largely on the ability of travel agents to effectively negotiate with major suppliers. They also issue and book airline tickets on behalf of several airlines. When a travel agency sells a tour for a discounted price, it means that it first increases the cost of the tour and then sells it at a higher price.

Travel agents are also responsible for packaging and processing all the attractions, accesses, amenities and ancillary services of a country and presenting them to tourists. American Express has been in the travel agency business since 1915 and today it is the largest travel service network in the world. Wholesale travel agencies can offer or operate tour packages or they can specialize in developing trips for both outbound and return travelers. For example, Baton Rouge continues the hills of the travel agency Delta Vacations Uk with views of Adelaide, a replica of his body.

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